A set of on-chain RPG experiences.

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About AVAXRealms.

AVAXRealms will be the definitive set of RPG experiences on the Avalanche network.

What will that look like?

As AVAXRealms is a ‘collection’ of RPG experiences. We don’t have a set goal for when that collection will be complete, but we do imagine there’ll be a time when it seems we have done enough. We wish to cover as many bases as possible before calling it a day, and also create interesting gamified relationships between our projects.

Who is behind all this?

We are a group of friends who have been in crypto for a few years, mostly since 2017. We’re all interested in exploring what’s possible with decentralised networks. AVAXRealms is a fun experiment and investigation into that.

The team itself doesn’t follow a strict structure. As individuals we all have different skillsets, perspectives and other things going on in life. We all introduce our ideas, and contribute to others ideas wherever we can.

What's next?

Adventures is the next release, and is coming very soon. Plots may very well be next, but we’re not restricting ourselves to only 'big' projects.

We have plenty of ideas for smaller scale ‘secondary’ projects that will assist Plunder and Adventures, or just stand out on their own. Not all of the team is able to be full-time crypto, and so we try to prioritise our time effectively but we work in a fluid manner.